How to delete my tinder account

how to delete my tinder account

how to delete my tinder account

How to Delete Your Tinder Account?

Click on the ” Delete account ” button. Tinder will ask you if you want to ” Pause my account ” (no one will be able to see or know that you have Tinder) or if you want to delete it permanently, press the gray option ” Delete my account ” ( just below the button, apparently Tinder wants you to pause your account and don’t delete it ).

 · Tinder is a corrupt/rigged business. They will ban any user they can so users create more profiles and spend more money. They won’t allow users to delete their profiles so they keep subscriptions and the user has no other choice but to make a new account.

Jak smazat účet Tinder. Tinder je seznamovací aplikace, která umožňuje lidem si vybrat rande dle profilové fotky na Facebooku. Člověk řekne, zda je pro něho ten druhý přitažlivý či nikoliv a také se uživatelé mohou spojit dle vzájemné...

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